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Rosewood Police..

Rosewood Police really suck, i mean how many incidents have happened in Rosewood so far and how many have they solved? Na-Da. Who killed Garrett? Who drowned Jenna? Who pushed Ian off the bell tower? Who killed Wilden? Who burned down the lodge? Who crashed into Emily’s house? Who ran over Hanna?

They thought they solved Alison’s murder mystery case but I mean Ali isn’t even dead.

Get your shiz together man. 

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Another one of them Aria is A theories.

Aria is always the one who finds clues first, like she found Alison’s face under the mask first ,ect… ( shes probably making sure the girls do what they’re meant to do & go where they are meant to go, because it feels like -As’ got them all under control; all their steps and movements) Also i strongly believe no matter how powerful head A can be , she can’t know EVERY SINGLE THING the girls are doing , going to do and already done unless there is an insider, some one REALLY close to the girls or maybe one of the girls. Also -Aria’s lies hardly backfires. Need i remind you about how Aria has cheated on Ezra with Wes and Jason but strangely enough, -A hasn’t used that against her. 

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